Millitec’s Vision System

I am currently working on the the Millitec IGENE HDR vision system. Which is a computer vision system that has been built as part of the knowledge transfer partnership (KTP), between Millitec Food Systems LTD and Loughborough University. The main aim of this partnership was to develop a vision system to function in real-world factory environments for food production automation. The developed computer vision system successfully empowered Millitec’s flagship product, the IGENE hygienic delta robot (HDR), enabling it to provide a range of new automation functions on food production lines.

This work has been truly challenging as the IGENE robot is sophisticated robot designed to be fully mobile. This meant it had to work on any conveyor belt in the factory and at different heights. Therefore traditional methods of using laser line scanners or cameras at fixed height and encoders for calculating speed was out of the question.

The produced vision system was developed completely by me. It runs in real time and uses the latest embedded boards for running deep learning models, as well as the latest depth cameras. The system works in real time and has been running at clients’ factories flawlessly for some time now.

Millitec Food Systems LTD are world leaders in the design and technology of the food production industry. The company manufactures and sells state-of-the-art mixers, ultrasonic cutters, depositors, butterers, sanitisers and production conveyors. Additional revenue streams are provided through supply of machine spare parts and through provision of engineering consultancy advice to clients on their production lines.

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